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Top 20 Changes to the Rules of Golf 2019

As you will know, The USGA and The R&A have introduced significant changes effective from 1st January 2019

• The number of Rules reduced from 34 to 24. • The rules are written in modern and plain style and language • A key driver of the changes is to increase pace of play. • There is a Players Edition of the Rules of Golf with increased use of diagrams to explain the rules available from your Club

1. Search time—Reduced from five minutes to three minutes.
2. Ball moved during search—Replace with no penalty.
3. Embedded ball—Free relief anywhere through the green.
4. Measuring a drop—Use longest club (except putter).
5. Dropping—Drop from knee height rather than from shoulder height.
6. Taking stance on the wrong green is no longer allowed.
7. Ball unintentionally hits player or equipment—No penalty.
8. Double hit—No penalty; now counts as only one shot.
9. Touching sand in bunker other than immediately in front or behind the ball or on the back swing is now permitted.
10. Loose impediments can be removed anywhere including hazards.
11. Dropping a ball outside of a bunker—two penalty strokes.
12. Water hazards—Now called “Penalty Areas.”
13. Touching ground in penalty area—No penalty.
14. Ball moves on green after being marked—Replace without penalty.
15. Ball accidentally moved on putting green—Replace without penalty.
16. All damage to green can now be repaired.
17. Positioning a club for alignment is not permitted.
18. Caddie assisting with alignment is now not permitted.
19. Putting with flag stick in the hole is now permitted.
20. Ball wedged between the flag stick and the side of the hole is deemed as holed

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