Course Etiquette

Dress Code

Male golfers should wear collared golf shirts with sleeves, trousers or tailored shorts.

STRICTLY no rugby shirts, football shirts, denim trousers or cargo shorts to be worn.

Shirts must be tucked into trousers or shorts at all times.

Lady golfers may wear sleeveless shirts. No bare midriffs, tank tops or halter tops are allowed.

All players must wear golf shoes with soft spikes.

No hats or caps to be worn in the clubhouse.

Course Code

Some simple rules that should enhamce everyone's golfing experience at URVGC:

Ensure your speed of play keeps up with the group in front not just in front of the group behind; if you lose a hole let the following group through

One golf bag with clubs per player, no more than 4 players in any one group

No mobile phones to be used on the golf course (or in the bar) except in an emergencyFinally, please replace all divots and repair your pitchmarks

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