2018-2019 Captains' CHARITY

The Alzheimers Society

My Captains Charity this is the Alzheimer’s Society. Why them? Well I think most people that know me at the club are aware that fellow member here John Hemington is a very close friend of mine and has been for over 35 years. What less people know is that I was also a good friend of his father John Senior who was an integral part of our social group, John was also a Vets member here for a number of years and if you look at the honours board downstairs you will see he was the winner of the Vets Single Match play in 2007. Sadly John contracted this horrible disease shortly after that and is now mentally unrecognisable from the man that I was friends with. There is sadly currently no cure for this dreadful disease and at the moment someone is diagnosed every 3 minutes. This figure is only going to get worse as people live longer. So please give generously this year hopefully the money we raise will bring us closer to finding a cure to this terrible disease.

2017 - 18 Captains' Charity

Prostate Cancer UK

My sponsored charity for 2017 is Prostate Cancer which I hope will raise a reasonable amount of money to aid research into this killer disease.
Only men have a prostate gland. The prostate is usually the size and shape of a walnut and grows bigger as you get older. It sits underneath the bladder and surrounds the urethra, which is the tube men urinate and ejaculate through.
What can go wrong? The most common prostate problems are:
• an enlarged prostate – this is the most common prostate problem
• prostatitis – an inflammation or infection in the prostate
• prostate cancer.
What are the symptoms of prostate cancer? Prostate cancer that’s contained inside the prostate (called localised prostate cancer) doesn’t usually cause any symptoms. But some men may have some of the urinary problems. These may be mild and happen over many years.
For some men, the first symptoms of prostate cancer might be new pain in the back, hips or pelvis. This can be caused by cancer that’s spread to the bones. These symptoms are often caused by other problems such as general aches or arthritis. But it’s still a good idea to get them checked out by your GP.
Most men with early prostate cancer don’t have any symptoms.
What treatments are there for prostate cancer? There are several treatments available for prostate cancer. Some treatments aim to get rid of the cancer completely, others to control the cancer. The stage of cancer (how far it has spread), how quickly it might grow and your personal preference will all affect which treatment you have.
Many men have a slow-growing cancer that is not likely to cause any problems in their lifetime. They might never need any treatment. They might be able to have their cancer monitored with regular check-ups instead. If there are signs the cancer may be growing, they will be offered treatment that aims to cure it. But some men will have prostate cancer that is more likely to spread and this needs treating.
I hope that the members will give generously during the year, at the various organised events, towards this worthwhile and lifesaving organisation.

Dusty Miller
Club Captain

2016-17 Captains' Charity

The Nystagmus Network (NN)

The Nystagmus Network (NN) is a UK charity run by individuals and families affected by the eye condition nystagmus.

Nystagmus is a serious and incurable eye condition with sufferers having very poor vision due to constantly moving eyes. Everyday living for sufferers is extremely difficult and they need a huge amount of support to do the things we all take for granted.

The aims of the Network are quite simple -- support people with Nystagmus and promote research.

2015 - 16 Captain's Charity

Princess Elizabeth Children's Ward, Kings College Hospital

Having a child admitted to hospital is a stressful and worrying time.

The Princess Elizabeth Children's Ward at King’s College Hospital provides a calm and comfortable environment for young patients and their families until they are able to return home. Often it is the smallest things that can make the biggest difference. By providing children with televisions, they are kept occupied and entertained during prolonged stays on the ward. By giving parents the opportunity to stay with their child overnight, they can be there when it matters most.

The Variety Children’s Hospital at King’s College Hospital treats and cares for more than 40,000 children every year. Located on King’s College Hospital main site, The Princess Elizabeth Children’s Ward is a surgical ward with 11 beds and cares primarily for children who need general, orthopaedic, surgery.

Members of staff strive to provide these young patients with the best care and the most positive experience possible, during what is a very difficult time for both the patient and their family. After surgery, children need constant care and some of the patients on the ward stay for prolonged periods of time.

Fundraising for the Princess Elizabeth Ward at King’s College Hospital will enable them to provide children, and their families, with a comfortable and restful environment during what can be a scary and worrying time. All it takes is a few small items to help reduce the anxiety of the patient and their family, to increase compliance for treatment and to aid the continuation of every day family life as much as possible.

Find out more at www.togetherwecan.org.uk.   

At Club Presentation Night in February 2016 a cheque for £18,090 was handed over to Dr Gary Ruiz from the hospital

2014 - 15 Captains Charity

Court Regis Care Home, Sittingbourne

Court Regis provides 24-hour care and support for people living with dementia in our community, with a Philosophy of Care, encouraging social interaction and engagement to eradicate helplessness, loneliness and boredom

2013 - 14 Captain's Charity

As everyone knows our servicemen and servicewomen are the best, so our government are good at offering them to police the world, but not so good at looking after them on their return.

Some of these brave people return home with horrendous physical and mental problems, and deserve all the assistance we can give them, so my charity for 2013/14 is HELP FOR HEROES.

There are already planned fundraising events in the pipeline such as Quiz nights and a 15 mile walk, more information will be posted on the notice boards and in the newsletters, so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you in advance for your support. 

Over the year the Captains and members raised a total of £7,250 for the charity

2012 - 13 Captain's Charity

I am proud to announce that the captain charity for this year will Cancer Research UK. The club lost two past captains, Terry Sewell and Tina Penfold to cancer in 2011.

Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer and one in three people will unfortunately contract it. The research teams work to diagnose and treat cancer has saved millions of lives not just in the UK but worldwide. Cancer Research UK are the only charity to carry out pioneering research to all types of cancer.

The teams supporters (us) help to fund the work of over 4000 doctors and nurses in the UK, with our help can and will beat this disease.

Over the year the Captains and members raised a total of £9015 for the charity

2011 – 12 Captain’s Charity

In this year we are going to continue to raise funds for the purchase of a minibus for Meadowfields School, Sittingbourne. With the great assistance from club member John Cliff and the charity day he organises under the name of the Tesway Ryder Cup we are nearing the total required for the minibus.

Once the vehicle has been purchased we will continue to raise funds to support the school in any area in which it is possible to enhance the life of the pupils e.g. provision of a Christmas pantomime, a Christmas lunch and equipment which the school is not in a position to purchase due to budgetary constraints.

The minibus has now been presented to Meadowfields School, click here for news release.We are also proud to announce that with the excess monies raised the Club was also able to purchase a substantial amount of sensory playground equipment for the school

2010-11 Captains Charity

The Captains' charity for 2010 is Meadowfield Special Needs School in Sittingbourne.

Meadowfield school forms part of the local community and as we wanted to support a local charity we chose them as a very deserving cause. Any funds that we raise will be put towards the purchase of a mini bus which is required for extra curriculum activities. This we feel would greatly improve the quality of life for the pupils.

2009-10 Captains Charity

The charity nominated by the Captain this year is the Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome Trust. This is a genetic disorder which affects 1 in 200,000 children worldwide. 
The Trust achieved charitable status in 1994 however the original support group was founded in 1978 by the late Chris Hilder from Rainham who wanted to ensure families caring for someone with WHS could access information - both medical and practical. The primary aims of the Trust remain the same as Chris' and over the years the group has grown and made important links with doctors and other families all over the world. 


Over the year the Captains and members raised a total of £8,500 for the charity

Previous Captains Charities

2008-9 Martyn Henneker, Alzheimers Society

2007-8 Ray Plummer, Freedom Centre, Sheppey

2006-7 Steve Arber, Bradfields School, Medway

2005-6 Colin Ayling, Meadowfields School Sittingbourne

2004-5 Mel Ives, Demelza House

2003-4 Terry Sewell, Danecourt School

2002-3 Victor Hogg, Cerebral Palsy Care

2001-2 David Bray, MacMillan Nurses

2000-1 Alan Byford, Marlborough Unit

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