The Club Committee

2020 to 2021

Under the terms of the Club Constitution there is a Club Committee which consists of fifteen persons.

The Committee year runs from 1st February to 31st January. Apart from the Club Officials, of which there are six in number and three section representatives there are six elected representatives from the club. These six members would normally serve a term of three years before seeking re-election or standing down. It is from these six representatives that the Club Vice Captain and subsequently the Club Captain is selected by the Committee. The representatives are elected at the Club Annual General Meeting.

Committee duties include management of club finances, management of and starter's duties for club competitions as well as liaising and organising Club Social events.

Full committee meetings are held once a month under the chairmanship of the Club Captain with the Club Secretary preparing the agenda and subsequent minutes of the meetings.

The following persons are on the Club Committee for this year:
Steve Noble (Club Captain)
Darren Clinton (Club Vice Captain)
Paul Wallace (Past Captain)
Greg Diddams (Club Secretary)
Marc Seager (Club President)
Jo Kite (Lady Captain)
Terry Bowditch (Veterans Captain)
Barry Whiting (Veterans Vice Captain)
Chris Salt (Elected)
Paul Wren (Elected)
Julian Austin (Elected)
Peter Friend (Elected)
Rhys Pound (Elected)
The course owners are also able to send a representative to sit on the committee.
The Club President, is able to attend the meetings but does not have a vote in proceedings.

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